Dr. Avi Weisfogel Treats Sleep Apnea with Dentistry

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the CEO and Founder of the Dental Masters Company based in the United States. Dr. Weisfogel is also the CEO and Founder of the Healthy Heart Company that unites a wide range of physicians from all parts of the world towards solving the sleep apnea problem facing many individuals in and out of the United States. Dr. Weisfogel has a strong commitment towards developing the cure for sleep apnea. This is because he has always attained the most sophisticated capability to ensure the people working in the industry have the right medical procedures to treat sleep apnea.

Dr. Weisfogel founded the Old Bridge Dental Practice right after graduating from the New York School of medicine with the highest honors. The ambitious Dr. Weisfogel wanted to make a difference in dentistry in New Jersey. This is the reason why he worked hard to succeed in his career. When Dr. Weisfogel worked for a week in the Old Bridge Dental Practice, he was faced with the first case of sleep apnea. For this reason, he went ahead of the industry to assimilate better business solutions in a manner that is not capacitated. Dr. Weisfogel went into deep research about sleep apnea because he wanted to make a difference in the industry.

Dr. Weisfogel has always worked towards solving the main problems facing the industry in a wide range of solutions. This is the reason why he has been recognized as the best dentist if the year on many occasions. For more than two decades in the industry, few people have adopted better business capabilities to assimilate working solutions for the sleep apnea medical condition. However, Dr. Weisfogel has gone ahead of the rest by providing a solution that developed more than 100 therapies in the industry. Few people can compare their levels of success than Dr. Weisfogel.

Dr. Weisfogel also founded the Dental Sleep Masters Company so that he could extend his philanthropic efforts to teaching other dentists and health officials to diagnose and treat sleep apnea. His contribution towards sleep apnea is unparalleled.

How Waiakea Water has Contributed to a Sustainable Environment

Waiakea; a Hawaiian volcanic water brand, has become the first pure water manufacturer in the world to introduce the degradable plastic bottle. This helps reduce the lifespan of the packaging material by 98 percent and create the technology with the capacity to change the whole Consumer packages goods (CPG) industry globally. The 100 percent recyclable bottle is made of TimePlast; the first and only legally accepted additive for the nano-degradation. This new material reduces the lifespan of plastic to 15 years down from 1,500 years.

Waiakea was founded in 2012 by Ryan Emmons after realizing the value of the water he was drinking with his family in Hawaii during the summer. Filtered through several feet of the Mauna Loa Volcano, Waiakea water prides itself of its unique mineral content and pH. It is rich in various electrolytes including potassium, sodium, calcium, and magnesium. The water also has the right amount of silica that lends it a silky and soft mouth-feel. As research has revealed, drinking 10mg of silica per day in water can minimize Alzheimer’s risk by 11 percent. With a pH that range between 7.8 and 8.8, and gives it natural alkalinity, the water comes from a renewable and sustainable source.

Waiakea was the first premium bottled beverages and water in the world to receive a certificate from CarbonNeutral®. The company has worked with Pump Aid; a charity dedicated to community implementation of clean water supply, and to donate clean water to underprivileged communities in the rural parts of Africa. With more than one million people benefiting from these charities, Waiakea and Pump Aid have also set up over 3,200 Elephant Pumps; water pumps developed by Pump Aid following an ancient Chinese design. Waiakea distributes its water to suppliers and countries that are eager to taste it. With every sip of the water, drinkers realize that they are treating themselves to perfectly produced sustainable water.

Daniel Mark Harrison, Daniel Mark Harrison Co., and Monkey Capital

Daniel Mark Harrison is one of the world most famous entrepreneurs, media personalities, and an author. He is a great multi-tasker and a man with diversified character. He has been on the frontline fighting for good governance. The great Daniel is the current chairman and the chief executive officer of a family called Daniel Mark Harrison Co. In other words, it has an abbreviation, DMH&CO. The great man owns the company which is a family-based operation that has operations in several parts of the world including Singapore, Hong Kong, and also Bangkok. He works towards expanding his wealth and happens to be doing very well.

Daniel Mark Harrison has written several books. He has excellent writing and editing skills. His first book was a fiction book called the butterflies. It had excellent journalistic skills and had been read by so many people across the globe. The book has been recommended by great authors across the whole world and has help in educating many people. It has several ideas that have helped people to learn very many essential concepts. He is also a writer at Coinspeaker and has written so many articles about the trending cryptocurrency world. He happens to be very updated and has written articles about bitcoin currencies. He is also the publisher at Marx Rand. He has published several articles about cryptocurrencies investments around the globe.

So many media stations have interviewed Daniel Mark Harrison as a media expert. He was first interviewed by a great radio host who has also had a chance to talk the wealthiest hedge fund traders like George Soros. George Soros happens to be the 19th richest man across the globe. Great TV shows have also featured him during prime business news hour. They include CNN, Fox News, and even Bloomberg. He is an excellent business news analyst and has been trusted for his exceptional skills in marketing Blockchain. He has become a very famous person, and you cannot mention about latest crypto news without viewing his sites. Daniel’s capabilities are usually admired by very many people across the globe, and he has become a great mentor to many people.

Louis Chenevert was the Best Leader that UTC has Ever Had

Before becoming the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Louis Chenevert worked for over a decade at General Motors and worked with Pratt & Whitney, eventually becoming their elected president. He was responsible for the acquisition of Goodrich, which was a deal with a value of $18.4 billion, and he accomplished more in his time with the company than many people accomplish over the course of their life. When he first came to lead UTC, he made a commitment to pull from his experience what was required to make the company better than it was at the time. Since then, he has done exactly as he promised, and UTC is a stronger company because of it.

Some Specifics about UTC and Chenevert

UTC has a company Employee Scholar Program that helps to nurture and invest in its own employees by giving them the funds needed to pursue more education in the fields of their choosing. Since its inception, more than 40,000 employees of the company have earned degrees while partaking in the program, and UTC has awarded more than $1 billion to its U.S. based employees, alone. Chenevert always supported the scholarship program and believes in the benefits that education can bring to the world and UTC.

Chenevert has always led UTC with an awareness of the possibilities that the future held, and his eye for choosing projects with a high rate of return helped make the company what it is today. He ensured that UTC would go into the future prepared for the changes that would surely come by always investing a large part of the company’s budget to purchasing technological equipment that keeps it at the forefront of its industry. His help with the move to pick up Goodrich made UTC the exclusive supplier of the F-35 engine for the government of the United States. Forbes recognized Chenevert for his part, since 1993, in guiding the major improvements that built UTC all while working through a major recession in the U.S. economy. While companies like Zenith and RCA were losing ground, UTC was thriving under Chenevert’s expert leadership.


In 2014, Chenevert left UTC and handed the reigns over to Edward Kangas, who was the lead independent director before becoming the new CEO. Louis now enjoys spending time with his family, and UTC will always be grateful that it had a leader like him to get them through some of their most trying times.

Dick DeVos, a Philanthropist with a keen eye on education

Dick DeVos is the husband to Betsy DeVos. They are known for their generous donations towards various causes including politics and charity. His family is highly profiled and has been in the political field for several years. They have contributed about 139 million dollars to charity since they began their donations. In 2015, Dick DeVos and his family rolled out 11.6 million dollars to charity, this is double what they had donated to politics over the last 5 years. For Dick and his wife, giving towards the improvement of education is their stronghold. They contributed over 3 million dollars to causes that support education in 2015. This contribution was 26% of their total contributions towards charity that year. Some groups supporting educational matters were also given 357,000 dollars for support. Dick has acknowledged that he is making education accessible to children who want to live the American dream.



Some Michigan schools, including Potter’s House, Ferris State University, and the Rehoboth Christian School among others, have benefited from their generous donations. Dick DeVos is persistently in trying to serve people through the contributions he and his family give to charity. Dick and his family are well connected and through this, they are able to fundraise huge amounts of money towards their projects. Another eye catching thing for Dick and his wife is Art and Culture. They donate huge chunks of money towards this sector. They donated 22 million dollars towards the launching of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management.



Dick and his wife also contribute towards community projects, churches and public policy among others. They give without expecting anything in return, as they are investing to better the lives of others. Some of the donations they give end up bringing very positive results. A good example is the treatment of brain cancer for children at the Spectrum Health Foundation that saved a lot of children’s lives. Their donation was geared towards hiring one of the best physicians and childhood cancer researchers in the country. The Willow Creek church is also funded by the DeVos, it is aimed at empowering leadership development in the community. The church has been able to hold summits for people from all around the world, including Melinda Gates who is a renowned Philanthropist. Dick’s kids challenge them to do even more, whenever they think their parents should do more.



Dick DeVos works at The Windquest Group where he is the CEO and President. His office is in Grand Rapids. He served as a CEO at Amway Global for close to 10 years and as CEO and President for 2 years at NBA’s Orlando Magic. He studied and graduated from the Northwood University. Dick is a qualified jet and helicopter pilot. Dick is also a qualified sailor and has been a National Champion twice.



Amazing Facts About Investor Paul Mampilly

Investing has become popular at both individual and group level. It involves putting resources in realistic and positive opportunities and hoping for profits in future. Investing can be done through buying stocks, assets or funding other businesses. One of the most reputable and successful investor is Paul Mampilly.

Paul Mampilly was born in India but later moved to the United States of America. After years of schooling, he was awarded a finance and Accounting degree from the University of Montclair. He is also an M.B.A holder from Fordham Gabelli business school. Paul enjoys giving back to his community therefore, after school, he was a volunteer at a food producing company where he distributed food to the homeless people. He later volunteered as a teacher at Junior Achievement of New York School.

Paul Mampilly worked in Bankers Trust as an Assistant portfolio manager (1991). He got promoted and was offered a job as a portfolio manager at ING and Deutsche bank where he was in charge of multimillion dollar accounts. In 2006, he was offered a job at Kinetics Asset Management as their Hedge Fund manager. Barron’s named KAM as World’s best because the annual returns increased and the firm’s assets rapid grew.

Paul Mampilly participated in an investment competition where he won under Templeton Foundation (2008-2009). He worked for clients under Wall Street for twenty years hence he decided to retire. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing (2006) where he founded Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes. He is the senior editor of this newsletter whose main focus is helping people find wealth in stocks and growth investments. In 2017 he has a started a new research service called Momentum.

Paul Mampilly appreciates that the internet of things make life easier and productive. He is a role model, family guy and inspiration to many.

For more information about Paul Mampilly, just click here.

Bruno Fagali: A legendary Administrative and Compliance Attorney in Brazil

Not every lawyer can fit into the Administrative and Compliance role. Compared to other law specialties, Administrative and Compliance polices are very concrete, detailed, and unchangeable. Accordingly, an Administrative and Compliance attorney sometimes have little room to scheme and find solutions to legal issues. This often results into a routine arduous work, which can be limiting for an attorney who is not familiar with external statutory laws.

In Brazil, one attorney who stands out in Administrative and Compliance Law is Bruno Fagali. Bruno is the founder of Fagali Advocacy, a top law firm in Brazil with a huge clientele base consisting of public figures, political personalities, and multinational corporations. He also specializes in corporate law, regulatory law, mergers and acquisitions, and billing among others. Like any other law firm, Bruno Fagali faced a number of challenges when he started the Fagali Advocacy in 2016. However, he has managed to pull it up the ranks to what it is today.

Bruno Fagali also serves as the business integrity officer at the prestigious Novo/SB Marketing Agency, a top marketing firm handling marketing and promotional campaigns for local, governmental, and internal organizations. Bruno Fagali’s role in the Marketing Agency is to ensure that the firm’s operations meet the federal regulations. He also trains the Agency’s teams in matters related to law.

Bruno Fagali has also worked as an intern and associate lawyer in a wide range of law firms, including Marques Law Firm, Teixeira Ferreira, Tojal, and Serrano, & Renault Associate Lawyers among others. These are top law firms in Brazil and working for them gave Bruno Fagali an ample opportunity to fine-tune his skills and expertise in legal matters.

Bruno Fagali is also an active member of the famous Bazillion Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics and an associate of Brazilian Institute of Corporate Law & Ethics. Besides his vast knowledge in law, Bruno Fagali has exceptional interpersonal skills.

A Smelly Situation and A Beautiful Sight at Orange Coast College

College campuses are normally places where one can go to find all sorts of the weird and wonderful things that make this world and life in it interesting, but one Southern California college campus really stinks when it comes to special presentations, like literally it stinks. Orange Coast College is one of the few horticultural programs in the world which pollinates and cares for the Indonesian Sumatra “corpse” Flower which is a rare blooming plant that gets its unusual name from the particular aroma that it generates. The scent actually gets stronger as the plant gets closer to bloom, and which has been compared to the scent of human decompositions.

The strongest aroma it will ever produce being right before it blooms for the first time, which can take around ten years. After the initial bloom, the scent does get milder and blooms can occur around 3-5 years apart. So why endure the scent and long wait times just to see the flower bloom. The simple truth is that this is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The Magenta petals will rise out of the husk and then flow down to form a skirt around the tall flesh spire in the middle. Once the bloom occurs, which is usually in the evenings, it will only last for 24-48 hours. The bloom has been described as resembling a dancing lady with her skirts aswirl.


The blooming party will be between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Once the bloom begins to show visitors will be allowed to stay and view it until 10 p.m.


The last corpse flower that the school put on display for its bloom was in May of 2014 when more than 1000 visitors came to see the event. The flower on display at the time was “Little John” which at the time was 11 years old.


Visitation to the bloom is free for everyone, but visitors are encouraged to make a small donation of $3 to support the continued growth of the horticultural program at the college.


Orange Coast College is one of the largest community c0ollege in the state of California. The college enrolls over 25,000 students per year and has a very high conversion rate of student transferring to University of California and California State University system campuses. Many students also take the base skills that they learn at OCC and transfer to private colleges all over the country.


OCC has over 135 academic and career programs with almost half of the student body enrolled in the latter. OCC is a member of the Coast Community College District and offers classes in all four semester periods. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Those who would like to know more about the school, the horticultural program, or the corpse flower are encouraged to visit the school’s website at www.orangecoastcollege.edu or call the campus main switchboard at (714) 432-5072.



Call it a postponed crevice year: in the wake of moving on from graduate school, Eli Gershkovitch knew he required a break before he subsided into a profession schedule. He enlisted in whats affectionately been known as the université de ski in Grenoble for a few expressions classes amid the day and investigating the French Alps on ends of the week. Life’s little incongruity was that he was going to find something that would, numerous years after the fact, make him leave law. Eli Gershkovitch was presented to Belgian lager. On a side trek to Heidelberg, Germany, he additionally went to his first microbrewery. It was sufficiently huge to be noteworthy yet not sufficiently huge to be scarring.

This clarifies why Eli Gershkovitch is sitting at a corner table at his tremendously fruitful eatery in Gastown, Steamworks (http://vancouverfoodster.com/tag/eli-gershkovitch/). Going along with him at the 754-situated tribute to make larger and sustenance is Walter Cosman, leader of the consistently growing bottling works side of the business. After seven days they reported being changing a 30,000 sq.ft. space close to the Burnaby limit into a generation office that will every year direct out up to 90,000 six packs of Steamworks pale lager and pilsner and another 800 12-packs of their regular blends, for example, this Christmass Blitzen. This, under a half year in the wake of propelling the principal packaged adaptations of Steamworks brew.
Worked in the 1890s, after 100 years the Steamworks building housed a nautical store got back to Quarter Deck on the city side (About.Me). Eli Gershkovitch cherished the space in spite of the fact that, as he jests, Gastown is a group very nearly enormity for as long as 30 years.

Eli Gershkovitch didn’t need a larger corridor, either. He needed a place where individuals could drink the lager that was made nearby. The issue was that the alcohol control board didn’t consider Gastown a sufficient private neighborhood leading to the creation of Steamworks which creates 15 to 17 layers per year. Soon after Cosman left his 10-year profession at Granville Island Brewing, Steamworks propelled its packaged brew. It’s pale beer and Pilsner are presently in 85 government alcohol stores and various private retailers.


Richard Blair On Effective Wealth Creation

When it comes to the creation of wealth, there are some things that you just can’t dismiss if at all you want to be successful. One of such things is patience, commitment and last but not least, a lot of learning. According to one Richard Blair, the best way to learn is from other people’s mistakes and not your own. That way, you can limit yourself to errors that uniquely grow you. Learn more: http://www.manta.com/c/mtr4ztj/wealth-solutions


Like every other thing in life, the creation of wealth needs the perfect plan and strategy. The program will give you the motivation to complete a task at a time, which will, in the long run, result in your accumulation of wealth just like you might have always wanted. It is also important for one to live a comfortable, financially stable life after retirement. Thankfully, WSI is also covering its clients on that front.


Wealth Solution Inc. is an investment firm founded by Richard Blair that helps up and coming people to make the important investment that is most likely to result in the creation of wealth. And with over two decades of experience in financial services, Richard Blair is surely someone worth listening.


The good thing about strategizing is that it can be modified without losing sight of the end game – which is making a lot of money in the end. And the latter is important because financial markets are always volatile and prone to shift with every single day. So for you to be on the safe side, you need a financial advising giant like WSI by your side.


As earlier stated, Mr. Richard Blair founded WSI (WSI) which has its headquarters located in Austin, Texas. Contrary to many other financial advisory firms, WSI is more inclined to help people more than it is making profits, and that explains why it has managed to generate a lot of trust among its esteemed clients. Mr. Blair also inclines much more in the educational facilities because he is interested in making young minds financially oriented at an early age. Learn more: http://ianjenkins.net/richard-blair-and-wealth-solutions-that-work/


Since 1993 when he officially entered the financial world, Mr. Blair has always been fascinated with finding better ways to enrich the lives of people through financial stability. And speaking of financial stability, he is also well versed in the area of retirement planning.


His firm comes up with clever financial strategies that will, in the end, give you an opportunity to be financially stable. WSI will help you avoid the pitfalls that have always been a problem with people who don’t know how to manage their finances. Learn more: http://www.wealthsolutionsria.com/p/my-story