Sawyer Howitt Serves as an Example for Young Entrepreneurs

High school student Sawyer Howitt is a project manager, at The Meriwether Group, a company started by his father David Howitt. Sawyer Howitt was hired because of his aggressiveness in coming up with new and innovative ideas for the business. He seems to have a good vision of the future, which is a needed trait for the business.

The Meriwether Group is an Accelerator company helping entrepreneurs to put a spark under their ideas and businesses. They help entrepreneurs develop a brand name for their companies and their ideas. They offer financing guidance to help business owners find needed capital for building out and expanding their operations. The company helps entrepreneurs look beyond their current markets and develop new and innovative strategies to reach their business goals.

The Meriwether Group also helps companies increase their sales and revenues by helping them build better marketing strategies. They work with clients to help them identify the best path to higher sales volumes and profits.

Sawyer Howitt will soon finish his senior year in high school, where he has focused on studying business and finance. His mind races with ideas to help increase the company’s success. He has learned, through his work experience that the key to a successful business is to provide exceptional customer service.

So far in his young life, Sawyer Howitt has provided a great role model for many young people who are interested in starting their own businesses. Howitt tries to be a good example to his peers, of what a successful, futurist business person is.