Doug Levitt Explores the Stories of Everyday Citizens Through “The Greyhound Diaries”

“The Greyhound Dairies” was not supposed to be an art project that would last for the majority of the career of artist Doug Levitt, but the stories and images Doug Levitt has uncovered have transformed this project into a multimedia project the artist has undertaken for more than a decade. Levitt himself has stated he is not as interested in the poverty he encounters on a large scale and would rather focus on the personal stories he encounters along the many journey’s he undertakes and read full article.

Creating “The Greyhound Diaries” has often made life difficult for Doug Levitt as he explains there is little comfort or luxury to be had on a Greyhound bus, but there are a myriad of stories to tell told directly from the mouth’s of those he encounters as he travels the country. Doug Levitt reveals he has made a small number of friends he remains in contact with as he has traveled the U.S. to create “The Greyhound Diaries” project and has found himself sat beside many people he would probably never have come into contact with on a regular basis in his normal life. The diverse range of people he encounters as he travels by bus Levitt believes has altered his own view on life as the Jewish artist has encountered and spoken to white supremacists and a number of paroled former prisoners returning home from jail and learn more about Doug.

Doug Levitt has had little preparation for the many encounters he has had with people from a range of life experiences as he admits growing up in Washington D.C. created a bubble around the capital of the U.S. As the capital is often seen as recession proof Doug Levitt admits exploring areas of the U.S. outside the major metropolitan areas was eye opening for the former CNN international correspondent who had rarely encountered poverty on a mass scale. Although he graduated from the Washington D.C. public school system Doug Levitt was born into a well known and respected political family in the nation’s capital Doug Levitt feels he has been inspired to tell the stories of those who have no voice of their own in the media and Doug of Twitter.