Homes for the Future of Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College was founded in 1947 and the campus is located in the city of Costa Mesa California. Classes went into effect the following year. In the sixty plus years, the college has grown to accept more than twenty thousand students per semester. many students go on to the University of Southern California or California State University. The college also offers classes in the spring, summer, fall, and winter. One of the biggest steps forward for Orange County College is the building of new homes in Costa Mesa which provide a perfect backdrop for the architecture students there. Learn more:

Alan Toffoli is the Division President of DeNova Homes in the area. He spoke to a group of more than forty students on campus and went into detail about the new homes being built in the Costa Mesa area. His talk also included an on-site experience for the students so they can get a good look at the new homes in the Aura style.

There will be thirty-three new homes built in all and it will keep nearby locales in mind. The homes are strategically placed so a trip to the Pacific Ocean for some beach fun or going to the college to learn won’t take long at all. These will be two-story homes that feature one of three different types of floor plans. The homes also come with a variety of amenities as well. The homes feature landscaped yards and feature many different types of finishes depending on what the client wants. the prices for these homes start at eight-hundred thousand dollars a piece but come with European countertops, shaker style designer cabinets, and feature Bertozzoni stainless steel appliances. This is one way for DeNova Homes to give back to the community that has given them a chance to call Costa Mesa home.

Orange Coast College has always believed in giving back to the community in any way, shape, and form. With the help of DeNova Homes, Orange Coast College students can feel good about making the place they call home better for the students of today and the future.

A Smelly Situation and A Beautiful Sight at Orange Coast College

College campuses are normally places where one can go to find all sorts of the weird and wonderful things that make this world and life in it interesting, but one Southern California college campus really stinks when it comes to special presentations, like literally it stinks. Orange Coast College is one of the few horticultural programs in the world which pollinates and cares for the Indonesian Sumatra “corpse” Flower which is a rare blooming plant that gets its unusual name from the particular aroma that it generates. The scent actually gets stronger as the plant gets closer to bloom, and which has been compared to the scent of human decompositions.

The strongest aroma it will ever produce being right before it blooms for the first time, which can take around ten years. After the initial bloom, the scent does get milder and blooms can occur around 3-5 years apart. So why endure the scent and long wait times just to see the flower bloom. The simple truth is that this is one of the most beautiful flowers in the world. The Magenta petals will rise out of the husk and then flow down to form a skirt around the tall flesh spire in the middle. Once the bloom occurs, which is usually in the evenings, it will only last for 24-48 hours. The bloom has been described as resembling a dancing lady with her skirts aswirl.


The blooming party will be between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. Once the bloom begins to show visitors will be allowed to stay and view it until 10 p.m.


The last corpse flower that the school put on display for its bloom was in May of 2014 when more than 1000 visitors came to see the event. The flower on display at the time was “Little John” which at the time was 11 years old.


Visitation to the bloom is free for everyone, but visitors are encouraged to make a small donation of $3 to support the continued growth of the horticultural program at the college.


Orange Coast College is one of the largest community c0ollege in the state of California. The college enrolls over 25,000 students per year and has a very high conversion rate of student transferring to University of California and California State University system campuses. Many students also take the base skills that they learn at OCC and transfer to private colleges all over the country.


OCC has over 135 academic and career programs with almost half of the student body enrolled in the latter. OCC is a member of the Coast Community College District and offers classes in all four semester periods. The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Those who would like to know more about the school, the horticultural program, or the corpse flower are encouraged to visit the school’s website at or call the campus main switchboard at (714) 432-5072.