Roberto Santiago Leads in Business through Manaira Shopping Mall

Behind the beautiful Manaira Shopping Mall is a man who never gave up on his dreams. Roberto Santiago was born and bred in Brazil. The man who once worked at a café has made a name for himself in the entrepreneurial world. Roberto’s career began when he founded a cartonage company. He was young but determined to establish an enterprise under his name. The company focused on designing as well as manufacturing cardboard for other manufacturing companies. Roberto then shifted his entrepreneurial interests to real estate. He purchased land in Joao Pessoa in 1989. He then established what can currently be termed as his success story. Roberto built a modern shopping mall. He did not want to create a typical shopping mall.

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Manaira Mall

Roberto had a one stop shopping mall in mind when he established the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. The alumnus of Pio X-Marist College majored in business administration. It, therefore, means that he had hands on knowledge on the skills required to develop such a mall. The Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a leading retail store in Brazil. He thought it was to centrally locate the mall for the convenience of the people of Brazil. The entire process of building the Manaira Shopping Mall began in 2987. It took him two years to have the mall in operation. The mall has attractive shopping options. Customers are always spoilt for choices because the management offers a variety of shopping options coupled with various incredible discounts. From a large beautiful food court to a movie theater, the rooftop concert hall as well as an excellent gaming area, the Manaira Shopping Mall is a hangout area for most Brazilians.

Domus Hall

The architectural design of the mall bears a reflection of how hard working Roberto Santiago is. From banks to a fitness center in addition to a college, the Roberto Santiago Shopping Mall is a frequently visited place in Brazil. The Domus Hall features an air conditioned area at the roof top of Manaira Shopping Mall. The space is mostly used for concerts, exhibitions, conferences as well as fairs.It can accommodate approximately 10,000 individuals. This explains a lot about the size of Manaira Shopping Mall. The hall has a level called mezzanine with private cabins used for music and private affairs. The ground floor is mostly utilized for prestigious public events. The Domus Hall features useful space for public events. Read more articles at


The Manaira Shopping Mall has various items for everyone. From furniture, jewelry, books, gym and clothing, the people of Brazil can attest to the excellent services that management offers. Along with the food court and fitness center, it is undisputed that Roberto Santiago had families in mind when he established the mall.

Panama Is Inviting Investments, According to Samuel Strauch

Panama has a stable economy. This is the reason why it can attract international players over here. They are coming here to build homes, offices, hotels and much more.

There are other reasons too behind this popularity as explained by Samuel Strauch. Panama has more accessible prices as compared to Miami. It has a good future too. This is the place to invest for a second or a third house. It is possible to get a house here facing the sea. The place offers all the comfort along with the latest technology. This city is fast becoming a destination for foreigners from different parts of the world. This is what they have in mind when they are deciding on their investments.

Samuel Strauch is the president of Affinity International Realty. He explains the reasons for deciding to participate as well as invest in projects in this market. This is because it is an area that is showing a lot of demographic and economic growth. People with savings are choosing their home here for the holidays. In addition, many are using it for permanent housing purposes too.


Samuel Strauch has analyzed various factors that are playing in favor of Panama. The country is today going through a substantial change. There is a strong recovery, and this is reflected in all the areas of Real Estate too. Samuel Strauch says that many who have chosen Panama today are Americans who are retired. They would like to enjoy their free time. They are looking at getting attractive discounts at restaurants, shopping malls as well as transportation.

The cost of living is something that is also attracting Mexicans here. Even the Venezuelans are coming to this place for political reasons as they choose to emigrate from their country. Samuel Strauch says it is a safe place with a stable economy.

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