Dick DeVos, a Philanthropist with a keen eye on education

Dick DeVos is the husband to Betsy DeVos. They are known for their generous donations towards various causes including politics and charity. His family is highly profiled and has been in the political field for several years. They have contributed about 139 million dollars to charity since they began their donations. In 2015, Dick DeVos and his family rolled out 11.6 million dollars to charity, this is double what they had donated to politics over the last 5 years. For Dick and his wife, giving towards the improvement of education is their stronghold. They contributed over 3 million dollars to causes that support education in 2015. This contribution was 26% of their total contributions towards charity that year. Some groups supporting educational matters were also given 357,000 dollars for support. Dick has acknowledged that he is making education accessible to children who want to live the American dream.



Some Michigan schools, including Potter’s House, Ferris State University, and the Rehoboth Christian School among others, have benefited from their generous donations. Dick DeVos is persistently in trying to serve people through the contributions he and his family give to charity. Dick and his family are well connected and through this, they are able to fundraise huge amounts of money towards their projects. Another eye catching thing for Dick and his wife is Art and Culture. They donate huge chunks of money towards this sector. They donated 22 million dollars towards the launching of the DeVos Institute of Arts Management.



Dick and his wife also contribute towards community projects, churches and public policy among others. They give without expecting anything in return, as they are investing to better the lives of others. Some of the donations they give end up bringing very positive results. A good example is the treatment of brain cancer for children at the Spectrum Health Foundation that saved a lot of children’s lives. Their donation was geared towards hiring one of the best physicians and childhood cancer researchers in the country. The Willow Creek church is also funded by the DeVos, it is aimed at empowering leadership development in the community. The church has been able to hold summits for people from all around the world, including Melinda Gates who is a renowned Philanthropist. Dick’s kids challenge them to do even more, whenever they think their parents should do more.



Dick DeVos works at The Windquest Group where he is the CEO and President. His office is in Grand Rapids. He served as a CEO at Amway Global for close to 10 years and as CEO and President for 2 years at NBA’s Orlando Magic. He studied and graduated from the Northwood University. Dick is a qualified jet and helicopter pilot. Dick is also a qualified sailor and has been a National Champion twice.



George Soros, Investment Icon and Philanthropist

George Soros, Investment Icon, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and self-made billionaire. Soros born August 12, 1930, in Budapest, Hungary Soros left Hungary during World War II when Germany occupied his homeland. Soros emigrated to England and attended the London School of Economics where he obtained his degree in finance. A man with determination and a plan for his life overcomes obstacles in his homeland and cements a future for himself in the investment world.

Soros, Coming To America

George Soros had a plan for himself and took his education and went to America where he could fulfill his dreams and build a future for himself. In 1969 Soros began a hedge fund company that overwhelmed the market with success. The most popular fund was the Quantum Fund successfully generates over $40 billion in returns. George Soros has become one of the richest people in the world. Another claim to fame is the title he earned as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England. The well-known Black Wednesday United Kingdom Currency Crisis where he netted a profit of more than $1 billion. Read more on NYTimes.com.

Soros Investment Philosophy

As a multi-faceted personality, Soros is an active philanthropist, having donated more than $8 Billion to various causes worldwide.

To quote Soros, his investment philosophy “is a set of guiding principles that inform and shape an individual’s investment decision-making process.” He is always looking for undervalued stocks that meet his criteria for investment that he believes will eventually produce substantial returns. Of course, the key is selecting the correct investments.

Types of Soros Investing Philosophy


  • Value Investing –
  • Fundamentals Investing
  • Fundamentals Investing
  • Growth Investing
  • Socially-Responsible Investing
  • Technical Investing

Not every investment George Soros made has been marked as a success. It is much like a horse race. When you bet big on a horse, and he wins, you win big. But when you bet big on a horse, and he loses, the loss is enormous.

Hedge fund traders aren’t a boisterous group of investors. They tend to be quiet, calculative, and deep thinkers. During the crash of 1987, Soros took a loss of $300 million and probably didn’t show any emotion over the loss, just analyzed, made mental notes and forged ahead to rebuild the loss.

Philanthropic Side of George Soros

He began supporting black students in the 70s by supporting students attending the University of Cape Town, South African. Most of the philanthropic causes he contributes to are “non-violent” issues. Soros promotes educational advancement giving to other universities educating the underprivileged around the world.

The investment genius has also been very involved in his political agenda supporting his choice of leaders in America. Know more on CNBC about George Soros.