Fabletics Lures Customers Through Many Different Avenues

Kate Hudson has been building the Fabletics brand for years. She is one of the co-founders, but she also is the most vocal person when it comes to promoting the brand. Kate is using reverse showrooming in order to give people a glimpse of what they can find when they come into the stores. These stores are not available in every city yet, but Kate Hudson is definitely working on that. She has great plans for the brand, and she wants to get as many as 100 stores in place in the next 5 years. This is her original goal, but this is only a short-term goal for Hudson. She plans to see just how well these stores will do after they are put in place, and this will give her room to decide if she will open even more in the future. What she is really trying to establish right now is a name for herself in the clothing industry. She has generated quite a bit of revenue with Fabletics, but there’s definitely a fan base that she is not tapped into yet. It appears that she is looking for a way to get those customers that have not been shopping online on a regular basis.


There are some customers that are going to go to the website to make purchases quite regularly. There are others that have signed up for the style quiz and gained VIP membership. For these customers they have the ability to get clothes shipped automatically each month so it saves them the time they are going to the website to shop.


These are two types of customer groups that Kate Hudson knows that she has. On the other side, however, there are customers that simply do not buy clothes online. These are the ones that Kate is trying to lure through her reserve showrooming. She wants the chance to show that customers have access to a whole new line of clothing even if they may not have a desire to make purchases online. She wants people to have the option of going to a store if they have looked on the website and decided not to make purchases online. She understands that people like to try on clothes especially when it comes to workout garments, and she doesn’t want this to be the one that puts limitations on the sales that she can make.