Eric Lefkofsky Promotes His Technology Platform

Eric Lefkofsky is already known for his Groupon legacy. This is an e-commerce company that is worth $2.2 billion today. It connects customers with merchants.

Still, things tend to change. Liz is the wife of Eric Lefkofsky. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. This changed the path of Eric Lefkofsky completely. Now he was looking around everywhere for getting information about diagnosing cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur. He is able to build businesses by making use of data. This is when he found that a huge problem had been identified by him. It was a pain area for him, but he was keen to spend time and fix it.

This led to the birth of Tempus. This is an operating system that has been developed by Eric Lefkofsky. It is designed specifically for cancer. This technology platform connects anatomic and molecular data with clinical data. The clinical data has been collected from several medical systems across the country.

The CEO of Tempus is Eric Lefkofsky. He has compiled all this information together and made it available in one place. This way doctors can plan personalized treatments for their cancer patients. They require information in order to back such a treatment plan.

As an example, any doctor who opts for a combination of chemotherapy along with radiation can now adjust it based on the historic results available to him. These will come from patients having a similar medical background. This means that patients can be based anywhere in the country. But their data will be available for reference through Tempus. There would be matching done that will be based upon the drugs being used, the genetic make-up of patients and such other parameters and what Eric knows.

Eric Lefkofsky is listed in the list of the richest people, by Forbes. He could have easily spent the rest of his life based on the success that he has achieved through his venture, Groupon. Still, he decided to get into this project and get a deeper understanding of health care in order to make it better. Doctors have acknowledged the effort and dedication displayed by Eric Lefkofsky through Tempus and more information click here.

Eric Pulier is So Famous. But Why?

Eric Pulier is what can happen when you combine a hunger for learning with focus and dedication. He was born in New Jersey.He was in fourth grade when he started programing computers. By 1984 when he graduated High School he already owned a database computer company.He then went on to Harvard where he became Editor at The Harvard Crimson. The school’s daily newspaper where he also wrote.

At this point Eric had accomplished more by graduation then most people do their whole life but he wasn’t done yet. After graduation he moved to LA. He definitely hit the ground running. Shortly after he created People Doing Things. It was created to address health care, education, and other issues using technology.He is most known for a program called XPrize and a SOA software program called Akana. XPrize is a program that helps teens and adults really push past their limitations. There are a series of competions that gives out prizes in the millions.

Akana is a company he continued to build until he sold it in 2016 to Rougue Wave Software. His next step, he wrote a book. Of course with a man like Eric Pulier there was a difference. It was like he wrote the book with the reader in mind. Even if you are completely new to SOA software this book is for you. The book is very specific, and easy to understand. It does not contain everything you need to know about SOA software but it is an amazing introduction to this topic.

What’s the biggest reason why we can’t stop talking about Eric Pulier? He has such a big heart. He has always been big in helping the less fortunate. The Painted Turtle is a great example of this. It is a camping program for kids with cronic illnesses. He donates heavily both with time and money. He is even the VP of Cloud Operations. He is also known for his work with president Clinton on Straight World. A social media platform for kids with chronic illness to meet each other.They even worked to find cloud computing solution for low income areas.

So Eric Pulier is well known for his work in Technology. The reason we love him though is because he fights for the little guy. He has an ability to give hope to those who truly need it. To this day he continues to make it his life mission to help in whatever way he can to make strides in technology and to build the broken human spirit. Eric Pulier is a modern day hero. He doesn’t have a cape but he loves to give whatever he can and that is a great place to start and his read full article.