Luscious Lips! You Can Get Them Too


A smile is not complete without a shiny gloss to coat it. How do you choose the best gloss to give you that beautiful shimmer? The best lip gloss products are those which are not sticky and do not come off on your teeth all day long. They give you the pout you want with no actually pouting involved. One of the best lip gloss brands out there is Maybelline Color Elixir lip color. The shades are perfect for the bright hint of color you are looking for!

The applicator picks up the perfect amount of gloss to apply and is shaped to give a nice glide across the lips.   You’re not going to need to look at paper towel brands for extra lip gloss goop clean up. Another lip gloss brand that is phenomenal is NYX Butter Gloss. The formula is creamy and smooth rather than sticky, and it comes in twenty-two shades and scents! The last brand of lip gloss that is at the top of the list is Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss because they are perfect for everyday wear. They are more sheer than opaque so each shade can be worn for any occasion. All three of these lip gloss brands can and should become a staple in any lip gloss lover’s makeup bag!

Lime Crime’s Newest Addition Is Very Scandalous



Lime Crime gets a new addition to the Velvetine lipstick line. It is called “Scandal“. It is a new and intense plum matte lipstick and has been designed to add a little drama to people’s pouts.


According to PRNewswire in Los Angeles, Lime Crime is a cosmetics brand that has more than 2.6 million instagram followers. The new lipstick was released January 10th of 2017 to the cult line of Velvetines.


It was developed by the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. It has a long lasting and luxurious formula which is made from the famous liquid-to-matte lipstick line. The color is made of purple and hue and very rich. It is not like any other lipstick. Lime Crime consists of 100% vegan products and is cruelty free. This particular lipstick falls right in with the rest of the products as also being vegan and cruelty free.


Scandal is great for those who want to stick to being on trend in this season. A recent article, US Weekly, says,”oozes sex appeal and solidifies #bosslady status.” Doe Deere explains that Scandal is for girls who have that don’t care attitude. She also says to pair it with black liner to bring about controversy.


For users who want to get the most out of lipstick, such as getting the best pout, it is advised to apply lip balm 15 minutes prior to application and get rid of the excessive oil with tissue but only pat it. After that apply the velvetine directly to the lips. Use a lip brush to refine the edges as well. It will dry to a velvety but bulletproof finish. It can easily be removed waterproof makeup remover or oil.


Doe Deere says that she love to rock Scandal the Trip Diamond Crusher. She says that it also highlights her lips and brings out the violet undertones. Customers can now shop at to see the collection of all the gorgeous purple shade colors.


Lime Crime is located in Los Angeles, California. Lime Crime is committed to bringing top notch formulas to the cosmetic line. It believes in makeup as being a way for people to express themselves.  They always have new things in the pipeline too: Vegan beauty brand Lime Crime pre-launches on Sephora Middle East website