Michael Lacey Donates Money to New University of Illinois Academic Program

Michael Lacey, a renowned mathematician and the leader of the Georgia Technical program, recently made headlines for his donation to a new academic program at the University of Illinois.

The donation is the latest of many donations by the mathematician to his alma mater and was discussed in the college’s newsletter. In its publication, the University of Illinois Technology department stated that donations like these are heavily depended upon for the consistent improvement and expansion of its academic programs.

Lacey has long been honored by the University of Illinois for his groundbreaking work in mathematics during his time at the college. After completing graduate course work at the university, Lacey went on to develop new technology in his field before accepting a role as the leader of the Georgia Technical Institute.

As of this publication, Michael Lacey’s teachings and published works are considered innovative in multiple fields, including ergonomic theory, computer software, and harmonic analysis.

According to representatives from the office of Michael Lacey, the mathematician is committed to his role in the development of technical academic programs at colleges and universities in the United States. Lacey has developed several academic programs during his tenure at Georgia Technical Institute and plans to continue his efforts at several higher education facilities across the country.

Lacey’s contributions to academic programs, over the past decade, have led to the establishment and expansion of reputable Technology and Mathematics Graduate Studies programs in the United States. The leader’s work within the Georgia Technical Institute has drawn much positive attention and resources for the institution.

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Dick DeVos’ Lifetime of Success

The development of a sports complex would seem, on the surface, to bring forth tremendous financial benefits to a city. Several years ago, plans were set in motion to establish such a complex in the Grand Rapid, MI area. Former Amway executive Dick DeVos came out strongly against the proposal. At first, many were curious as to why DeVos seemed skeptical of the complex’s benefits. DeVos was quick to point out these types of developments do bring with them problems. Namely, the sports complex might not cause problems for the Grand Rapids’ business district.


The business district remains vital to the overall fiscal health of the city. The presence of a new sports complex and accompanying convention center brings forth risks of economic problems for the business area. Congested traffic alone could make the business district less appealing and, possibly, less functional. If the flow of traffic and people to t he business district are hampered, the local economy and beyond may suffer. Dick DeVos understood the risks, which is why he was not keen on supporting the sports complex project.


DeVos pointed to problems arising from the development of the Pontiac Silverdome, problems that negatively impacted Detroit. Overall, DeVos’ opinions made sense. Both Dick and Betsy DeVos have shown to be quite influential in the business community and in political circles. And their influence is significant.


Both Dick and Betsy DeVos have risen to the vaunted level of “mega-donors” to the Republican Party. Their financial support is more than impressive. The funding provided by the family remains vital to GOP operations across the nation. As most know, Betsy DeVos has moved from the donor class to a cabinet position in the Trump Administration. Dick DeVos continues to support the GOP financially and in other ways.


The DeVos family does more than provide support to the GOP. Both contributed impressively to a number of charitable causes. Over a 16-year period, the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation directed nearly $140 million towards charitable causes. The money directed by the organization did a lot of good in many ways.


A particular area in which DeVos infused helpful support is charter school funding. One very unique charter school supported by DeVos is the West Michigan Aviation Academy. As the name indicates, this is a school that focuses heavily on airline and aviation careers. Such a learning institution likely needs significant funds in order to operate effectively. The DeVos family has provided tremendous support to the institution, which benefits students and faculty alike.


Both Dick and Betsy DeVos continue to be involved in political and social causes. Their prominence derives from many clear successes in scores of endeavors. Look for more success stories in the coming years. Learn more: http://www.celebfamily.com/business/richard-devos-family.html

AvaTrade Review – How AvaTrade Helps Traders Of All Levels

Getting started with forex or Bitcoin trading is pretty easy with AvaTrade. To open an account, you will need only one hundred dollars to invest. Besides for the usual ways for depositing money, AvaTrade makes it easy by providing several other ways, such as Paypal. Once you open your account, you can get started with trading forex. AvaTrade has also added the ability to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Ripple. These are the most popular cryptocurrencies, and they can be traded on the AvaTrade platform. For those who are hesitant about investing money at the beginning, AvaTrade offers the ability to open up a free demo account. This will enable you to get experience with trading so that you can invest the money when you feel ready to do it.

AvaTrade has been around since 2006. They are regulated and licensed by a number of international agencies, which makes them a good pick for doing your trading. In addition, they were among the first platforms to allow their users to trade CFD commodities. AvaTrade has always been a company that stays ahead of the curve by providing its traders with new opportunities.

AvaTrade offers customer support services in many different languages. They do this because they have an international customer base. A couple hundred thousand traders use AvaTrade each month. AvaTrade’s website is also available in several different languages. In addition, AvaTrade offers its customer support at any time of the day, as long as the markets are open.

AvaTrade also offers online resources for people who want to learn how to trade or become better at trading. They have something for every level. Their books and videos are very informative and will help you out.

AvaTrade is a company that has been providing a number of trading platforms to its users for well over a decade. They are trusted by hundreds of thousands of traders around the world.

AvaTrade has an education portal where users can watch videos, read books, learn from the Sharp Trader section, and much more.

Promote Investments Past Long and Covered Call Trades

Automatized trading is growing exponentially with both new and seasoned traders for good reason. Investors are gaining comfort in their decisions and able to feel a greater sense of protection having access to organized data that helps them minimize overall financial risk.

Oxford Club is one such independent organization that compiles relevant trade information for investment minded clients. Financial data is then used to help private investors make educated decisions on how to best flourish their wealth. Trade data produced is unbiased and gives investors the opportunity to make moves appropriate to their level of comfort. Backed by a strongly successful reputation, the Oxford Club is a very attractive component of the ultimate investment checklist.

The fundamental isn’t a secret. Either is the proverbial investment checklist. It is, however a strategic process that needs to be closely and accurately followed. The ultimate investment checklist begins with items like opening a regular stock trading account, followed by exploring account options. When a new investor selects types of trade options, a reasonable place to start is long or covered call trades. This is the area from the get-go to surpass with the financial information provided via Oxford Club.

Ultimate returns arrive through Level 5 accounts. These trades provide clients the ability to sell using the broker’s money, or the “margin” amount. Essentially, the private investor can use a minimum around 10% to perform the investment.

Located in Baltimore, Maryland, the international group of private investor’s Oxford Club operates globally and therefore can respond in kind to market-beating ROI (return on investment) strategy. Users are then enabled to better preserve assets and net-worth. In addition to popular member financial seminars, Oxford Club’s organizational communication also includes regular, neutral recommendations and monthly newsletters.

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Siteline Cabinetry Offers Choices Galore

When considering to update or redesign cabinetry the choices can be overwhelming and costly. Working with the right company that really takes the time to understand your budget and what your needs are is basic and necessary. Siteline Cabinetry is a company that has some really great options.

Siteline Cabinetry has only been in the industry since 2015 but it is proving to many customers to be an excellent choice. Brought to customers by the Corsi Group this line of products has options for all budgets. When working with an authorized Siteline dealer they know how to make the process of redesigning your space as effortless as possible. One really good thing is that Siteline has done their work in insuring that their dealers are trained and understand how to get through this process efficiently and quickly. No one wants to spend weeks and weeks just to place an order and then weeks or months waiting for delivery.

The Corsi Group has obviously put a lot of thought into what Siteline Cabinetry can offer their customers. Siteline offers great organization options from bathroom drawers to kitchen pantry options. You’ll be able to take all your problem areas and turn them into efficient space saving locations throughout your home. Not only does this assist homeowners in enjoying their spaces more it is also a way to increase the value of your home.

The choices in colors and styles of the cabinetry seem quite endless. There is something from every taste and home style. Because Siteline is constantly coming up with new styles and colors the choices keep coming. You can make your cabinets anything from a natural wood finish to Tesla red. Beyond the fact that company offers all these choices they do quality work and want customers to refer their work to friends and family and come back for their next project.

Joel Friant’s Ability to Connect with People Made His Career Better

When Joel Friant first started working as an entrepreneur, he knew he would need to make things better for some people who were in different situations. Based on the experiences he had with the different industries he worked with, Joel Friant learned how to read people. Not only could he interpret how they were felling but he could also tell what they needed based on the information they gave him. This was how he was able to work as a true salesperson and that’s what gave him the motivation to keep working toward a better future with the things he was doing. Everything that Joel Friant did came back to him through the entrepreneurial opportunities he had on his own and with the experiences he had made things better with. There were a lot of things he felt he could do and offering these opportunities to other people gave him the motivation he needed to do better on his own.

One thing Joel Friant found was that people liked to have the best food possible. He knew he would always want people to try different things and that’s how he could give back to the community. People would always need to eat so Joel Friant felt it was an opportunity to make sure he was in a business that would continue to last no matter what. For Joel Friant, this was the best thing for him to do and the best way he could make money in different situations.

Depending on the food people like, they can take advantage of different things. Even though many people have the opportunity to use hot peppers, many have shied away from using habaneros. Not only are these peppers spicy but they can be dangerous if people don’t know what they’re doing. Joel Friant made the Habanero Shaker so people wouldn’t have to worry about the dangers of preparing them. All they’d have to do was sprinkle some from the shaker onto the food they were going to enjoy and they’d have the kick and flavor they would typically get from a habanero pepper.

Learn more about Joel Friant: https://about.me/joelfriant/

How Dallas Residents are Getting Shapelier Glutes

The butt tends to be a problem area for many women. Aging, lack of exercise, and genetics tend to create a “saggy” look in this area.


There are lots methods that have been used to create a shaplier posterior, especially since the rise of fitness celebrities such as Amanda Latona and Jen Selter, and rounded glutes are a popular aesthetic that is seen on the covers of magazines everywhere.


The Brazilian Butt Lift procedure is a procedure that many are gaining results from. The procedure is performed in a plastic surgeon’s office, and allows the surgeon to remove excess fat and tissue and tighten muscles in the posterior. Depending on the situation, the candidate for surgery may need to have fat removed from another area of their body to be “purified” and then added to the glute area for a more proportionate look.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Let’s take a look at who a good candidate for a Brazil Butt Lift in the Dallas area would be:



– Someone who has tried proper nutrition and exercise and has not seen proportional results.

– An individual who has lost a significant amount of weight and has excess skin and other tissue to be removed.

– A candidate with good psychological health who is realistic about their results.

– A person who will have a more proportionate physique after a butt lift procedure.


Finding a qualified plastic surgeon is essential to having a swift recovery and successful procedure. Detemine how much the proedure will cost in your city, as well as the supplies needed for recovery. Check into your surgeon’s credentials as well to evaluate whether they are qualified to give you the best results possible.


Sitting down for a consultation with your prospective surgeon will help you understand if a Brazil Butt Lift is right for you.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar: Taking Cosmetic Surgery to Another Level

For those who know plastic surgeons in Dallas, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar’s name never misses on the list. Dr. Jejurikar is one of the most celebrated plastic surgeons in the state, and he continues to impact the lives of many patients. He is driven by his passion for cosmetic surgery, and through his mastery of the art, he has helped many people to regain confidence in their bodies. Dr. Jejurikar’s areas of specialization include breats, face, nose, and eyes. He can also perform tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts and rhinoplasty.



Sameer Jejurikar’s Education and Training



Sameer Jejurikar is an alumnus of the University of Michigan, where he earned his undergraduate degree. He went on to attend the University of Michigan Medical School, and undertook his residency at the University’s Medical Center. His residency was in plastic surgery, which he was passionate about right at the beginning of his medical training.



Despite his medical training, and qualifications, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is always looking to gain more experience as a doctor. When he can, he attends annual medical missions to various parts of the world. He participates in missions to Bangladesh, to treat children in poor communities. Dr. Jejurikar also supports various charity activities, which are aimed at alleviating poverty.






One of the prestigious awards which Dr. Jejurikar has received is the Compassionate Doctor Certification. The honor is given to only a few doctors in the United States, based on their service delivery. Over 100 million patients in the country give their feedback on physicians through websites such as UCompareHealthCare, Vitals, and Vitals. This feedback is usually assembled, and physicians are ranked accordingly. Dr. Jejurikar was among the few doctors to get the recognition, and he was grateful to his patients for rating him highly.



Wonderful Waiakea Water

Waiakea Water is one of the most interesting water bottle providers in the world. They have grow tremendously over the recent years. With their explosion in popularity, many people are starting to wonder what exactly this company is offering. They are starting to wonder what Waiakea Water is doing to draw consumers toward their product. While the company has many amazing aspects regarding their product, we will first discuss some of the things this company stands by.

Founder Ryan Emmons decided that he wanted to create one of the most economically clean companies in the world. He takes great pride in creating quality, healthy, clean products. With the emerging success that the company has had, Ryan made an outstanding announcement. He stated that for every liter of water that the company sells, they will donate a weeks supply of their water to someone in need.
In our world, there are millions of people that do not have access to clean drinking water. Because most of us do have access to clean water, we cannot truly understand how much this charitable action would mean to someone. This company has done a great thing and will help millions of people deal with a very big issue.
Waiakea Water also provides very high quality products. Saying that this company is economical is an understatement. Their water bottles are mind blowing. The water bottle sold by Waiakea Water is one of the reasons that consumers are so interested in their company. To start, the bottle is made from 100% post recycled plastic. Recycling has been a major focus in the last decade. People are starting to realize the harm that we are doing to our planet by creating and throwing away plastic materials. This company is doing a great thing in using recycled plastic.
This brings us to our next topic. While recycling has become very popular there are still a lot of people who don’t partake. Waiakea Water bottles degrade 97x faster than traditional bottles. It usually takes 1,500 years for plastic to degrade. Waiakea Water has taken that number to 15.

Jeunesse Global Product Review

A manufacturer of high-end skin and fitness enhancement products, Jeunesse is sculpted around the shared post-retirement vision of founders Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis to live a heightened life that starts from the inside. The road from this vision into the current growth of the company has been built on innovation; personal, geographic, and communication accessibility; and ease of use. Jeunesse leadership has also undertaken philanthropic efforts to support children in underprivileged regions of the world.

Jeunesse offers products to smooth out an assortment of skin care concerns with anti-aging, nourishment, and protection. Jeunesse life balance supplements promote healthy sleep cycles, energy, concentration, and memory, with additional physical health supplements to boost weight loss and immunity.

The full Jeunesse system begins inside the mind and the body. M1ND™ uses silk protein to fortify the mind with clinically-proven support to memory and concentration. FINITI™ takes on the rest of the body with a proprietary blend of fruit and vegetable extracts. Jeunesse also offers AM Essentials™ and PM Essentials™ for an extra boost to wake-up time and readiness for sleep. This assistance with sleep and wake regulation improves mood and ensures plentiful energy for daily routines. Jeunesse manufacturing processes avoid artificial colors, preservatives, and many common allergens.

Jeunesse ZEN BODI™ weight loss products are offered as a toolkit to include a timeline of three levels of products to aid the weight loss journey. The eight-week ZEN Project 8™ program includes extensive plans and explanations of how the recommended products will support each step in the weight-loss journey with additional support available through a growing fitness community.

The Jeunesse system takes on the exterior of the body next, with NV™ makeup, primer, and bronzer; Luminesce® anti-aging; and Instantly Ageless™ for help with details of the face like under-eye bags, fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

From there, Jeunesse has products to enhance how the body and mind take on the world around it with RESERVE™ superfruit antioxidant defense and Nevo™ fruit juice energy drinks.