Eric Lefkofsky Promotes His Technology Platform

Eric Lefkofsky is already known for his Groupon legacy. This is an e-commerce company that is worth $2.2 billion today. It connects customers with merchants.

Still, things tend to change. Liz is the wife of Eric Lefkofsky. She was diagnosed with breast cancer. This changed the path of Eric Lefkofsky completely. Now he was looking around everywhere for getting information about diagnosing cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur. He is able to build businesses by making use of data. This is when he found that a huge problem had been identified by him. It was a pain area for him, but he was keen to spend time and fix it.

This led to the birth of Tempus. This is an operating system that has been developed by Eric Lefkofsky. It is designed specifically for cancer. This technology platform connects anatomic and molecular data with clinical data. The clinical data has been collected from several medical systems across the country.

The CEO of Tempus is Eric Lefkofsky. He has compiled all this information together and made it available in one place. This way doctors can plan personalized treatments for their cancer patients. They require information in order to back such a treatment plan.

As an example, any doctor who opts for a combination of chemotherapy along with radiation can now adjust it based on the historic results available to him. These will come from patients having a similar medical background. This means that patients can be based anywhere in the country. But their data will be available for reference through Tempus. There would be matching done that will be based upon the drugs being used, the genetic make-up of patients and such other parameters and what Eric knows.

Eric Lefkofsky is listed in the list of the richest people, by Forbes. He could have easily spent the rest of his life based on the success that he has achieved through his venture, Groupon. Still, he decided to get into this project and get a deeper understanding of health care in order to make it better. Doctors have acknowledged the effort and dedication displayed by Eric Lefkofsky through Tempus and more information click here.

Marc Sparks on Gaining Start Up Money

One thing that people have to understand before proceeding to work on their startup is that each startup is going to need money. It is very rare that an aspiring entrepreneur is going to have enough to put forth on their start up by themselves. As a matter of fact, one of the reasons that they are trying to start their own business is because their job is not meeting their needs well enough. For one thing, people have to pay their bills. In most cases, the bills are paid but they are not going to have that much money left over. This is why it is important to start a business.


With Marc Sparks, there are tons of advice that he wants to give people who are working on their startups. Among the most important things that people need to do is make sure that they have a solid business plan. They have to formulate a plan that is well thought out highly likely to work for the user. When the business lender or investor is satisfied with the proposal, then he will grant the user the finances needed to start his business and get it off the ground.


Marc Sparks also has a list of things that people want to hear before they loan out money to a startup. One thing that entrepreneurs have to understand is that the investors or lenders are hoping to get back the money they put into the start up with interest. Therefore, it is important for people pitch something that the lenders can hope to get behind. If the lenders do not believe in the business, then they are not going to pay forth any money into the project. Fortunately, all that is needed is to look over all aspects of the business in order to find any weakness in the proposal.


Fabletics Lures Customers Through Many Different Avenues

Kate Hudson has been building the Fabletics brand for years. She is one of the co-founders, but she also is the most vocal person when it comes to promoting the brand. Kate is using reverse showrooming in order to give people a glimpse of what they can find when they come into the stores. These stores are not available in every city yet, but Kate Hudson is definitely working on that. She has great plans for the brand, and she wants to get as many as 100 stores in place in the next 5 years. This is her original goal, but this is only a short-term goal for Hudson. She plans to see just how well these stores will do after they are put in place, and this will give her room to decide if she will open even more in the future. What she is really trying to establish right now is a name for herself in the clothing industry. She has generated quite a bit of revenue with Fabletics, but there’s definitely a fan base that she is not tapped into yet. It appears that she is looking for a way to get those customers that have not been shopping online on a regular basis.


There are some customers that are going to go to the website to make purchases quite regularly. There are others that have signed up for the style quiz and gained VIP membership. For these customers they have the ability to get clothes shipped automatically each month so it saves them the time they are going to the website to shop.


These are two types of customer groups that Kate Hudson knows that she has. On the other side, however, there are customers that simply do not buy clothes online. These are the ones that Kate is trying to lure through her reserve showrooming. She wants the chance to show that customers have access to a whole new line of clothing even if they may not have a desire to make purchases online. She wants people to have the option of going to a store if they have looked on the website and decided not to make purchases online. She understands that people like to try on clothes especially when it comes to workout garments, and she doesn’t want this to be the one that puts limitations on the sales that she can make.

Doug Levitt Explores the Stories of Everyday Citizens Through “The Greyhound Diaries”

“The Greyhound Dairies” was not supposed to be an art project that would last for the majority of the career of artist Doug Levitt, but the stories and images Doug Levitt has uncovered have transformed this project into a multimedia project the artist has undertaken for more than a decade. Levitt himself has stated he is not as interested in the poverty he encounters on a large scale and would rather focus on the personal stories he encounters along the many journey’s he undertakes and read full article.

Creating “The Greyhound Diaries” has often made life difficult for Doug Levitt as he explains there is little comfort or luxury to be had on a Greyhound bus, but there are a myriad of stories to tell told directly from the mouth’s of those he encounters as he travels the country. Doug Levitt reveals he has made a small number of friends he remains in contact with as he has traveled the U.S. to create “The Greyhound Diaries” project and has found himself sat beside many people he would probably never have come into contact with on a regular basis in his normal life. The diverse range of people he encounters as he travels by bus Levitt believes has altered his own view on life as the Jewish artist has encountered and spoken to white supremacists and a number of paroled former prisoners returning home from jail and learn more about Doug.

Doug Levitt has had little preparation for the many encounters he has had with people from a range of life experiences as he admits growing up in Washington D.C. created a bubble around the capital of the U.S. As the capital is often seen as recession proof Doug Levitt admits exploring areas of the U.S. outside the major metropolitan areas was eye opening for the former CNN international correspondent who had rarely encountered poverty on a mass scale. Although he graduated from the Washington D.C. public school system Doug Levitt was born into a well known and respected political family in the nation’s capital Doug Levitt feels he has been inspired to tell the stories of those who have no voice of their own in the media and Doug of Twitter.

EOS Does it Differently -And The Results Show

EOS lip balms have been sold for 7-years now. That isn’t a long time, but it was enough time for the brand to highlight themselves as a caring brand focused on creating sensational products based upon the user’s desires. They did a great job of doing that, and as a result, they became a bigger name than Chapstick. EOS sales over one-million lip balm spheres each week, placing them at the number two lip balm spot. Chapstick is the third-leading lip balm brand.

EOS didn’t pull any tricks out of their hat. Instead, they focused on the creation of an amazing product. They didn’t look for ways to cut corners, and using cheap ingredients was never on the agenda. In fact, the ingredients inside of EOS Lip balms are organic and all-natural, giving you even more assurance when you swipe the orb across your lips.

EOS lip balms ignite all the senses, giving you a Facebook trendy, appearance-friendly product that sells at a great price. There are eight flavor choices available, and a new shimmers and natural’s line available on Target stores. These flavors provide the lips a burst of awesomeness as the lip balm penetrates and softens the lips.

EOS is a fun, trendy brand that is setting standards in the beauty care industry. The company came in with a great product that they continually improve. It is time to teach what EOS lip balm can do for you!