Eric Pulier is So Famous. But Why?

Eric Pulier is what can happen when you combine a hunger for learning with focus and dedication. He was born in New Jersey.He was in fourth grade when he started programing computers. By 1984 when he graduated High School he already owned a database computer company.He then went on to Harvard where he became Editor at The Harvard Crimson. The school’s daily newspaper where he also wrote.

At this point Eric had accomplished more by graduation then most people do their whole life but he wasn’t done yet. After graduation he moved to LA. He definitely hit the ground running. Shortly after he created People Doing Things. It was created to address health care, education, and other issues using technology.He is most known for a program called XPrize and a SOA software program called Akana. XPrize is a program that helps teens and adults really push past their limitations. There are a series of competions that gives out prizes in the millions.

Akana is a company he continued to build until he sold it in 2016 to Rougue Wave Software. His next step, he wrote a book. Of course with a man like Eric Pulier there was a difference. It was like he wrote the book with the reader in mind. Even if you are completely new to SOA software this book is for you. The book is very specific, and easy to understand. It does not contain everything you need to know about SOA software but it is an amazing introduction to this topic.

What’s the biggest reason why we can’t stop talking about Eric Pulier? He has such a big heart. He has always been big in helping the less fortunate. The Painted Turtle is a great example of this. It is a camping program for kids with cronic illnesses. He donates heavily both with time and money. He is even the VP of Cloud Operations. He is also known for his work with president Clinton on Straight World. A social media platform for kids with chronic illness to meet each other.They even worked to find cloud computing solution for low income areas.

So Eric Pulier is well known for his work in Technology. The reason we love him though is because he fights for the little guy. He has an ability to give hope to those who truly need it. To this day he continues to make it his life mission to help in whatever way he can to make strides in technology and to build the broken human spirit. Eric Pulier is a modern day hero. He doesn’t have a cape but he loves to give whatever he can and that is a great place to start and his read full article.

Securus Technologies Garners Attention

The company, Securus Technologies is the leading force in the public safety industry. They are garnering quite a bit of notice from the public, and they are being noted for creating excellent public safety technology. Their latest creation is Video Visitations, and it is helping in the correction facilities and other companies around the country.


The correction facilities and companies that are using the Video Visitations are saying positive things about the technology, and how it has assisted them in controlling the environment. The prisoners can use the technology to talk to their loved ones, and they are in better moods because of it. This makes it a lot safer for all that are concerned, and the company is pleased that they could make a difference for so many people.


Securus Technologies is a company that is very proud of their work. They want the world to be a safer place, and they intend to create even more technology on a weekly basis in order to do so. They work with the government regularly, and they are in touch with over a million incarcerated people. This is what makes Securus Technologies stand out from the rest of the companies in the industry. They are moving into the future with a steadfast stance on protecting the public, both in the civil and criminal sides of justice.



Arthur Becker Forward Thinking Business

Born in 1969 Arthur Becker is one of the most well known real-estate agents in the United States. With a strong preliminary education, Becker has always been educated towards achieving success in the business world. According to, his early success first came through his selling of 18th century houses that were built in historic parts of America. These homes would provide a foothold for Becker within the American industry. Fueled with the intentions of infusing his background of art and photography Becker would go on to create some of the most iconic projects of the modern age and even end up in a marriage with Vera Wang.

Early Education

Becker’s mixed major focused with his passion towards pre-med allowed him to engage in an early highly intellectually stimulated study. His college studies reaching into the world of photography and ceramics something he’d harness in a future endeavor to capture a physicality of photography, a tough but highly valued accomplishment in photography.

Recent Work and Innovation

Becker had taken his work even further recently through an exhibition at Morgan Walker where Becker would display his fine art consisting of the evolution of textural materials that emit ideas of color, style, and visuals. According to, a great deal of his art is in the form of origami through the textile of currency. Through utilizing currency to form origami Arthur Becker was able to establish a contextual social statement on the relation of societies with money and currency.

Business Success

Arthur Becker has since found success as the CEO of Zinio LLC. He would also go on to become one of the co-founders of Atlantic Investors, LLC. His success at both companies helped to establish him as a strong businessman and propelled his career into a future of success.

Vera Wang And Happiness

Arthur Becker found complete happiness in his 23 year marriage with Vera Wang. Their time together was one of the most publicized famous relationships of the fashion and business world and a fantastic metaphor for Arthur Becker and Vera Wang’s success in both of their fields respectively.

Becker continues to forge on as a pioneer for greatness and success in the modern art and business world.

How EOS Demolished Competitors

EOS is a favorite lip balm among everyone, especially millennials. With its innovative sphere design and it’s creative flavors, EOS lip balms are now the second best selling balm in the market. Fast Company’s article, The Untold Story of How Lip Blam Upstart EOS Outdid Chapstick, gives every detail of the company’s journey to success.

How Did the Sphere Come Into Play?

The article describes in detail how the makers decided on the innovative shape, that caught the eyes of so many people. They made this choice so that the product would stand out against the normal tube shape that every other similar product on the market. They wanted a package that would feel good in the consumer’s hand.

Engaging all Five Senses

Not only did EOS lip balm want a product that felt good in the consumer’s hand, but they wanted a product that engaged all five senses. They decided on unique scents, bright and pastel colors, soft packaging, and yummy flavors,, to give the user the ultimate lip balm experience.

EOS has changed the lip balm game. After getting picked up by major retailers such as Target, Walmart, Ulta and even Racked drug store, they soon beat out their competitors to reach the number two spot in the market. Talk about impressive.


Lime Crime’s Newest Addition Is Very Scandalous



Lime Crime gets a new addition to the Velvetine lipstick line. It is called “Scandal“. It is a new and intense plum matte lipstick and has been designed to add a little drama to people’s pouts.


According to PRNewswire in Los Angeles, Lime Crime is a cosmetics brand that has more than 2.6 million instagram followers. The new lipstick was released January 10th of 2017 to the cult line of Velvetines.


It was developed by the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe Deere. It has a long lasting and luxurious formula which is made from the famous liquid-to-matte lipstick line. The color is made of purple and hue and very rich. It is not like any other lipstick. Lime Crime consists of 100% vegan products and is cruelty free. This particular lipstick falls right in with the rest of the products as also being vegan and cruelty free.


Scandal is great for those who want to stick to being on trend in this season. A recent article, US Weekly, says,”oozes sex appeal and solidifies #bosslady status.” Doe Deere explains that Scandal is for girls who have that don’t care attitude. She also says to pair it with black liner to bring about controversy.


For users who want to get the most out of lipstick, such as getting the best pout, it is advised to apply lip balm 15 minutes prior to application and get rid of the excessive oil with tissue but only pat it. After that apply the velvetine directly to the lips. Use a lip brush to refine the edges as well. It will dry to a velvety but bulletproof finish. It can easily be removed waterproof makeup remover or oil.


Doe Deere says that she love to rock Scandal the Trip Diamond Crusher. She says that it also highlights her lips and brings out the violet undertones. Customers can now shop at to see the collection of all the gorgeous purple shade colors.


Lime Crime is located in Los Angeles, California. Lime Crime is committed to bringing top notch formulas to the cosmetic line. It believes in makeup as being a way for people to express themselves.  They always have new things in the pipeline too: Vegan beauty brand Lime Crime pre-launches on Sephora Middle East website

Behind The Success Of Banco BMG Is Ricardo Guimares, A Man With A Great Vision, Entrepreneurial Skills, And Creativity

Ricardo Guimares is the president of Banco BMG in Brazil. Founded in 1930, it is one of the major retail banks in Brazil. Ricardo Guimares is a professional in the mining business. As mentioned on Crunchbase, he has been part of the family business since 1998. He is the son of the Flavio Pentagna Guimares. This family has been part of the financial industry in Brazil and first entered when they inaugurated Banco De Minas Gerais SA. This company was a commercial bank which provided products for legal entities and individuals.



Banco De Minas Gerais or BMG was leading in the market of financing light and heavy materials in the 1980s. They started offering payroll officially in 1998. Since then they have been a leader in the market of this type of operation. A joint venture named BANCO Itau BMG Consignado SA was formed in 2012 when Itau Unibanco SA entered into an association agreement with BMG. This joint venture was formed for the purpose of distribution and selling of credits that will be consigned in Brazil. This business proved very successful for both companies and later in 2014; these companies signed a business unification agreement where the focus was to concentrate the consigned credit operation into the joint business as mentioned in this Wikipedia article. In 2016, the IFC (International Finance Corporation) will invest $1.7 billion in Brazil as mentioned by Marcio Aloar, the executive of BMG bank.



The BMG bank also has an interest in sponsorship of sporting events and respects the athletic talent available in Brazil and Minas Gerais. That is why; the bank has sponsored many athletes including those who take part in international events and competitions. Moreover, not only the bank but also Ricardo Guimares has taken great interest in contributing to the development of sporting endeavors. He has remained president of Club Atlético Mineiro during 2001 and 2006. Mr. Guimares has also established the ‘Galo’ training center for sports in Brazil. Guimares has also invested a large amount to help in the progress of Olympic gymnastics, tennis and volleyball players. The Brazilian entrepreneur is also known for his attention towards the social development and community work and thus, helped in the construction of the Baleia Hospital and the São Vicente de Paula Foundation. Ricardo Guimares is not only an exceptional businessman and entrepreneur with an eye for philanthropy and love for sports, but under his management, the BMG bank has progressed by leaps and bounds. Banco BMG has become the largest provider of personal and payroll loans in the country under Ricardo Guimares. Mr. Guimares focused on creating a lean structure that used reduced interest and low defaults as techniques.



For all of his professional achievements and contributions to the community, Ricardo Guimares was awarded the honor of Merit diploma from the City Hall. He was presented with this award by the councilman Daniel Nepomuceno, according to this article in Camara Municipal BH.

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